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How We Help Your Visibility Online

  • Site Review &
    Strategy Development

    • We analyse and look at your website and see if it needs improving

    • We will look at your businesses product offering and what kind of customer you want targeted

    • We will compile a list of key words that will help with your websites SEO

    • Audit existing rankings and positions

    • Set-up analytics

  • Onsite

    • Make sure that your website pages are fully SEO optimised

    • Ensure all relevant meta descriptions and tags are applied

    • Focus on set number of key words that are relevant to your business and incorporate them into keyword strategy

    • Ensure website is mobile friendly

    • Resolve any duplicate content issues

    • Resolve any broken links

  • Offsite

    • Invite guest bloggers to publish articles

    • Carry out directory submissions

    • Ensure healthy backlinks are added

    • Regular blogging and adding fresh content

    • Linking to social media accounts

    • Ongoing key word optimisation

Why SEO is Important?

You have worked hard, probably given up the security of your job to be your own boss, and you have spent a small fortune on a snazzy website. But if your customers can’t find your website then how will they know that you are out there?  And if they don’t know you are out there how will you sell to them? The whole purpose of SEO is to get more relevant visitors to your website and for your website to rank high on search engine results. More relevant visitors means more potential sales. That is why SEO is important.

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