Web Design + Development for Muslim Businesses

What is a website? The standard definition is that it is a collection of web pages (documents that are accessed through the Internet), such as the one you’re looking at now. A web page is what you see on the screen when you type in a web address, click on a link, or put a query in a search engine.

A website should be regarded as more than a collection of web pages. It’s your Muslim businesses online identity and your brands leading tool. A website can also be regarded as a member of your sales team (for those Muslim Businesses that rely on an e-commerce solution). So why would you want a website that’s average given how important it actually is?

We often meet with clients who fall into the trap of getting a website built for a cheap amount thinking that it’s a good idea and they soon find themselves in trouble as they can’t find a way to change certain details such as their opening times or contact details, and most often the person who built the website has vanished. Would it not be better to do the job once and do it right?

At MBM we design and build all our websites from scratch, which means we don’t use pre-made templates. We specialise in Muslim Web Design. When building and designing a website we keep you in the loop throughout the process, so that before the website goes live we make sure you are completely satisfied. We also understand that you’re business will Insha Allah change and grow. With this in mind we build websites for the future which means we make them customisable so they adapt to your business which saves you in costs and time. Most importantly we don’t vanish after building your website. We are just a phone call away should you need any help.

Creating a website can be expensive. With this in mind we are happy to discuss flexible pricing options to help you.

Our Recent Work

Specialists In Wordpress + Magento

WordPress is an open source website framework offering a powerful content management system (CMS). With a huge selection of plugins, un-limited design potential and SEO choices, it’s the leading choice for any website design. A proven blue chip level CMS, WordPress is now used by Ford, BBC, Sony and many other's. WordPress is easy to use and we are more than happy to show you how to use it. At MBM we build all our WordPress websites from scratch.

Magento is used by over half a million businesses worldwide. Brands like Nike, Paul Smith and Mothercare are built on Magento platforms. Magento based websites give the necessary tools to manage every element of your store and business combined with infinite extensions to increase the scale of the site as your business grows, Magento offers the perfect fit for your e-commerce business. The possibilities with Magento are endless.

At MBM we love working with go getters and doers. That’s why we have teamed up with Shopify to bring you an integrated and innovative e-commerce system that well get you selling in no time. Shopify is an easy to use CMS platform that offers virtually unlimited functionality and features that will truly get your online business up and running. No matter what you’re selling the team at MBM will take all the hassle out of setting up your website and after the job is done we will be there for you to lend a helping a hand. Over 500,000+ entrepreneurs use Shopify on to power their online businesses and you could be part of this growing global community. With our expertise and your vision we can make things happen. So if you are ready to become your own boss then fill out the form by clicking on the shopify icon and tell us about your amazing idea and we will help you realise your vision. As Shopify expert our services include. So if you are ready to get online then get in touch and we will join you on your journey.

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