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The Muslim business start-up survival guide

At Muslim Business Marketing (MBM) I am very fortunate to work with loads of up and coming new business owners. In fact I jump at the chance of working with new start-ups because it’s something close to my heart and I want to be there right at the beginning of your journey.

Starting up a Muslim business is definitely the most challenging, draining, rewarding, and interesting time of your life. It will stretch your imagination, creativity and in some cases your patience. It will also define you as a person.

So the team at MBM have put together a survival guide on how to get through the first few months of your start up journey.

#Patience young grass hopper.

Starting your own Muslim Business is truly a test of your patience. We come across so many people who want results NOW and get themselves into a negative mind frame when it does not happen straightaway. The key is to understand, that unless you are launching a revolutionary, world changing product that no one in the history of mankind has ever thought of then you will not get sales straight away. Also if you have not spent any time or money on marketing then you will most certainly not hear the ‘ching ching’ of sales coming through straight away.

#Take it on the chin.

When you launch a new product you will have two types of feedback. Positive and negative. You need to be able to constructively and objectively view your customer’s feedback because even negative feedback can be valuable. In fact, if you address the negative feedback properly and professionally you will win new customers hand over fist. But whatever you do don’t get into verbal sparring matches with your customers over social media. It’s definitely one step closer to failure if you do. Hold your head up, be polite and above all learn to take criticism.

# Get it right.

In our previous article we spoke about getting your branding right. . Spend time thinking about what your market is and who your ideal customer is, where you want your products to show and how are you going to reach your goals. If you don’t know about websites, social media SEO, etc or if you simply don’t have the time to manage it then get someone to look after it for you.

#Know your enemy

Before you launch into your business, you need to spend time studying your competition. See what they are doing and how. Look at their online presence (website, social media, key words etc) and see if there are any gaps that you can exploit and make it your own niche.  Also spend time looking at their customer base and any customer responses they have had and see what you can do differently.

#Be Original.

Nothing is worse than being a copycat. You need to be original and stand apart from your competition. Let’s look at it like this, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda all sell pretty much the same products and there business model is identical to each other. But what makes some people shop at Tesco rather than Asda? It’s the small differences such as club card rewards, pricing and most importantly their brand ethos and offers they may have.

#Spend Money To make money

Last but not least your business will not grow or reach new customers if you don’t put resources into a sustained marketing campaign, especially in the early days. Be prepared to send free samples to bloggers so that they can review your products and post it on their social media. Bloggers have their own following on social media and can play a very valuable role in your marketing plan.

I’m not one for preaching but this will be the first and last time I say this. As a Muslim business owner there is one thing you should always do no matter what. Pray to Allah (SWT) for success and guidance. Al the above are useless if you don’t not pray to Allah.

If you need any help as Muslim Business Start-up then don’t hesitate to contact the team at Muslim Business Marketing. We are more than happy to help you out and get your business going.