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Website Design Trends for 2018/19 (Part One)

Website Design Trends are always changeing

Think back to the early days of web design.
Those old Geocities blocky websites look ridiculous in this day and age. Today, websites offer all sorts of interactivity and have stunning designs that focus on providing a great user experience, and for you the website owner a higher and better chance to convert those visitors into sales.
The point is that website design evolves constantly in accordance with various trends. This is part one of our look at the various trends that you’ll need to know to keep your website at the cutting edge in 2018 and beyond. So if you are serious about the online face of your business then carry one reading.

Trend #1 – Personalised Design
Personalisation has been a key trend in technology for a number of years now. In web design, you see it whenever an eCommerce website suggests items based on previous purchases.
However, personalisation will soon stretch much further than that. As well as changes based on a user’s interactions, modern website design will incorporate personalisation based on factors such as age and gender, spending habits, historical purchases and much more. We may see websites with multiple designs with the aim of ensuring visitors see the site that’s most likely to get them to convert. Alternatively, we will see websites that offer users more options in terms of how they view and use the website such as mobile version of the websites you visit (this is perhaps the most significant and important trend that is constantly evolving)

Trend #2 – Increasing Use of VUI
Anybody who has used Amazon’s Echo and Alexa technologies will already be familiar with Voice User Interfaces (VUI). For those who haven’t, it’s a technology that allows the user to speak various commands that result in actions by the device. Very funky.
The technology is still in its early stages, but it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing website designers like MBM integrate it into their offerings so that you- the consumer can have a more fluid and smooth user experience.
For example, eCommerce websites may use the technology to allow users to directly ask for the product that they’re looking for. Instead of having to wrestle through complex navigation systems or use a search box, the user simply asks for the product and it appears on screen. Imagine how this could change your life
That’s just one example. There are many ways that web designers will start incorporating VUI into their sites in the coming years. The team at MBM are already working on this.

Trend #3 – Evolved AI
Many websites already employ AI (artificial Intelligence) in the form of basic chatbots that are used to help people with their queries.
However, AI technology has not reached its full potential by a long shot. (Skynet has not risen yet) As it becomes more complex, we expect website designers to incorporate it more fully into their websites.
Beyond the obvious things, like chatbots, it’s likely that web designers will start using AI to create better digital journeys for website users. It will essentially work behind the scenes collecting data on users that it can then use to inform the journeys that later users take.

Trend #4 – More Visual Content
Speed is of the essence in the modern digital environment. Attention spans are shorter than ever and most people now access websites from mobile devices. This means they have limited amounts of time to figure out what your website offers and how they can interact with it. Studies show that if a website does not load in the first 5-7 seconds the user will “ bounce off” and may not even come back.

We believe this will lead to a trend whereby website designers introduce more visual content that gets right to the heart of what a website offers. We anticipate a lot of websites removing unnecessary content to streamline their designs, thus making designs more efficient for time-poor users.
That covers the first four trends that we expect to see during the rest of 2018 and into 2019. Come back soon to see the rest of the trends that will affect web design. And if you want a quality website for your business, contact the MBM team today.