Magento vs Shopify



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Magento vs Shopify

We have been working with for quite some time and recently we have completed a big project for them. Migrating their entire website and rebuilding it on a Shopify platform with a brand new customised design and fresh look and feel. This website truly embodies the premium quality of Jubbas products and it has really made a big improvement to Jubbas overall conversions and online presence. The old debate of Magento vs Shopify is proven here.

This led us to think of the old debate of what works better. Magento or Shopify? Both have their advantages and draw backs. Without going into a massive debate, read this article to find out for yourself what works better.

Back to our case study. The team at Jubbas wanted something that was easy on the eye but also embodied the premium quality of their products and range. They came to us for some ideas and there main requirements were for an easy to use customer interface, elegant and responsive design, a high conversion website and easy to use admin panel.

With all this in mind we got to work and at the end of 6 weeks we delivered a website that met all the above objectives and even exceeded our expectations. The design was unique and the customer flow was one that was significantly better than the old Magento website which led to a massive increase in sales and conversions. One of the unique features we added was to put all the products into neat and definable categories which could easily be sorted by collections, colors, sizes etc. The old Magento website had far to many individual options which made the customer experience tiresome.

Screenshot 2018-06-04 16.50.14

In addition to the many features we have added an up-sell feature to help with increased sales and conversions, which has been a huge success. Upon checkout the customer get a notification which says they only need to spend X amount to qualify for free delivery.

Screenshot 2018-06-04 17.00.56

We could confidently say that working on the Jubbas project has to be our proudest and best achievement while using Shopify and we are so pleased that the team at Jubbas love their new website. Head on over to to checkout their amazing range of Islamic fashion wear and other amazing products.

So if you are looking to start your Shopify project and want a website that works for you then fill out this short online form and one of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.