About MBM

Imtiaaz SyedFounder of MBM

MBM’s Founder Imtiaaz was not alone in its creation. It was in fact his wife Allya who thought of the idea of MBM. She is a bit camera shy and asked Imtiaaz to be the face of the business. Between the two of them they have built MBM to be the Muslim communities leading Muslim digital marketing agency and work with Muslim businesses all over the UK in helping them achieve success through online channels. Between the two of them they have a combined 15 years’ experience in the digital marketing field and are passionate about helping the Muslim community and Muslim business owners succeed.

How MBM Started

One night Imtiaaz and Allya were sitting around at home discussing new business ideas. Already owning and running a successful digital marketing agency for the past 3 years they wanted to do something different. Allya being the more creative of the two thought of MBM. Being Muslims themselves (obviously) they wanted to find a way to help the growing number of Muslim centric businesses that are cropping up in the UK navigate the challenges of establishing, maintaining and growing an online presence and reaching out directly to Muslim consumers. At the same time both of them wanted to help as many people as possible and went about setting up the charity section of MBM which does everything from building water wells in needy countries to sponsoring orphans. MBM is committed to helping everyone. And it’s not just Imtiaaz and Allya running the show. We have a behind the scenes team of designers, developers and writers that make MBM the success it is.

The Future of MBM

MBM was set-up to help Muslim business owners reach Muslim consumers using the power of social media and other digital platforms, while at the same time helping those less fortunate. As long as Muslims remain industrious and have the thirst for making something their own and want to make a genuine difference to the lives of others then MBM will be around for a long time to come. Alhamdulillah there are over 70,000 Muslim business owners in London alone and this number grows daily throughout the UK. With our straight forward, honest and flexible approach we are confident that you will love working with us.

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