Why MBM?

In the UK alone there are Alhamdulillah, nearly 3 million Muslims and over 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. As Muslims it is in our nature to be industrious and entrepreneurial.

The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his wife Khadija (RA) were both traders and owned a successful business. Many of our brothers and sisters have followed this example as have we at MBM. As Muslims, we live our lives in a very simple yet specific way, which guarantees us good health, spiritual well-being and above all a closeness to our creator Allah (SWT). This lifestyle often means that we need to look to our own brothers and sisters in Islam for help, such as making sure our food is Halal to ensuring our children learn and know about our beautiful religion to making sure we have the right products and services available that are within the confines of our beautiful religion.

But how do we find out about businesses that specifically cater to the Muslim community? And how do Muslim business owners get their products and services out there in front of the Muslim community? This is where Muslim Business Marketing (MBM) comes in. With thousands of Muslim owned businesses in the UK and millions of Muslim consumers worldwide we help Muslim business owners reach Muslim through the power of social media and the internet. As a 100% Muslim focused digital marketing agency we understand the requirements of both the business owner and the end Muslim consumer, and we work closely hand in hand with both to ensure that your businesses message is getting to the right people and that the end consumer is hearing that message and acting on it. By choosing to work with us you not only get a personalised and experienced digital marketing service but through our charitable work you also will earn reward and have the opportunity to give back to those who are less fortunate.

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Contribution to Charity Projects

MBM: Lend a Helping Hand to Each Other

  • Orphans’ Village

    There are over 150 million orphans in the world and we have joined hands with Orphans In Need, whom supports over 20,000 orphans in over 20 countries. We are contributing towards their ‘orphan village’ project, which was opened in 2015, the village house nearly 300 orphaned children and over 40 widows, removing them from a harrowing life on dangerous streets to an environment of loving care and opportunity.


  • MBM working in Partnership with Orphans In Need

    At MBM at least 10% will be donated to the Orphans Village and will provide food, clothing, education, medical treatment, toys and recreational activities for the children.

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 604

  • Sponsoring Orphans

    The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said “I and the guardian of an orphan will be in the Garden like these two.” (His two fingers). At MBM we work closely with Orphans In Need in supporting Orphan’s Villages and ensure that they get help and support and live full lives and reach their potential. Everyone needs a helping hand and at MBM we do what we can to ensure we help as many Orphans and widows as possible. Be part of our good work and earn your rewards.

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